Items only a Dental Assistant could love!

Taking pride in your profession as a Dental Assistant!

Designs for the DA Expert


Utilizing Metal Retractors

In our Digital Photography Video we demonstrate how to utilize metal retractors

Items to Show Off Inspired Assisting Skills

Dental Assistant Attire


Your an Expert DA.

 If Your proud of your career then show it!

DA Workout Gear


Tell the Tooth your not happy with going to the gym with out your toothy workout gear!

Dental Equipment and Materials


Dental Photography Backdrop, Retractors, Mirrors, Contrasters all under one site

Dental Jewelry


Beautiful Designs that only an assistant can wear

Organized Dental Pro


Products to organize your Dental Suites, Supply Room and Sterilization

Pamper your Patients


All Patient's need pampering. Shop for Towel Warmers, Rollers for the neck and Back. Towels, Covers for Headphones and more

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