Items only a Dental Assistant could love!

Taking pride in your profession as a dental assistant

Designs for you the Chairside Assistant 

Items to show off your inspiration



Assistu was founded by Shannon Pace Brinker to inspire dental assistants express their love for their profession and completely reinvent the persona of the Dental Assisting profession.                                             YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR!



30% of your purchase is reinvested into our social mission to restore hope to our profession and give back to dental assistants in need. This could be for medical reasons, hardships that come our way or to better the education for the dental assistant.

Products from Our Side of the Chair

Special wine glasses designed by dental divas

Items designed by other talented Dental Assistants.      There are so many dental assistants with talents that go way beyond the dental chair, that we wanted to help promote, grow and share they special gift by giving a platform that promotes their work.                          Assistant to Assistant

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